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3 Gadgets You Need for Spring

3 Gadgets You Need for Spring

Spring is here! With the clocks changing and the evenings starting to get lighter, we thought to share with you some awesome, game-changing gadgets so you can make the most out of the new season!

1. Solar panel battery pack

Anticipating long days out in the park? Perhaps evenings on the beach or in a friend’s garden? ...don’t fall into the trap of asking them for phone juice. 

Be prepared and invest in a solar panel battery pack, so regardless of whether your phone eats up your battery or not, you’ve still got a way to charge it and get yourself home.

2. Phone Tripod Selfie Stick

Photos are memories and memories are forever... we do apologise for how cheesy that sounds! Whether you’re a photogenic model (or rather the face behind the camera), taking pictures are fun and memorable, so get yourself a bluetooth tripod selfie stick to really capture those moments. 

A tripod can reduce shaky, motion-blurred videos and is also great for landscape shots. So if you want an effortless group selfie or a beautiful landscape piece, this really is the gadget for amateur photographers.

Selfie Tripod Images

3. Smartwatch

Finally, this one's for you if you’re active and fitness-conscious. The lighter evenings mean we can go out on the bike after work, even run, walk or exercise in the garden! There are no excuses to not do your 30 minute sweat-inducing workout, so embrace the pressure and get yourself a smartwatch to track your fitness goals. 

Not only is it great for physical wellbeing, it also has huge mental health benefits which has never been more important. From a range of prices for a range of uses, get yourself one of these and watch your transformation!


Please let us know if you have any other gadgets you would recommend to soak in the sunshine coming our way… we look forward to hearing all of your ideas.

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