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Lockdowns Have Revolutionised How You Get New Gadgets

Tech Subscription Box

One thing COVID has made us realise is how much we all rely on tech in our everyday lives. Smart home devices, health gadgets, work from home tech and even entertainment tech have become essentials to our future way of life...

The trouble is, most people don't know what amazing tech is actually available to them.

There are incredible innovations happening and products being released that people need to know about...and not just to save them from another boring lockdown!

Incredible innovations that are transforming people's lives

The Tech Experience That Made Thousands Of Lockdowns Awesome

Gadget Discovery Club is bringing untamed excitement back into people’s lives. Enabling people to experience an awesome lifestyle through discovering & adopting the latest, innovative tech and gadgets.

One of the game changing aspects of the experience is the pioneering “Free Discovery Guarantee” which already has thousands of members raving about it. This means you get both free shipping AND free returns on anything you don’t want or need, so you can get your hands on the latest gadgets completely risk free!

Sound too good to be true? Read on..

How Does It Work

To join the club, choose either a quarterly or annual plan and, every 3 months, you’ll experience the suspense and excitement of receiving and unboxing a shiny black box filled with 1-4 gadgets worth over £100 that are guaranteed to upgrade your lifestyle!

Annual Plan
Quarterly Plan

The Free Discovery Guarantee means you get free shipping & free returns, so you’re guaranteed to discover great gadgets that upgrade your life, risk-free!

It’s a really simple service that gives you access to niche tech brands that are on the cutting-edge of innovation, tech you didn’t even know you needed!

TIP: If you’re looking for a gift for someone else, the gift experience options are EPIC!

What Will I Get?

Every single gadget that makes it into the shiny black Gadget Discovery Club box goes through a stringent selection process. First and foremost, every gadget MUST upgrade your entertainment or your lifestyle.

Previous boxes have contained an innovative pocket sized solar phone charger, by the #1 solar charging brand in the world. This incredible little gadget charges itself via sunlight so you never have to worry about running out of charge when you’re out and about. It’s a life saver!

Some of the epic gadgets received in the Gadget Discovery Club box

Another example of a previous gadget is a portable blender that auto-washes for you, perfect for upgrading your mornings with a 1 minute healthy smoothie!

On top of that, every gadget is suitable for all genders and ages and compatible with all of the latest smartphone devices. There is nothing that the Gadget Discovery Club tech geeks haven’t thought of to ensure an epic experience for everyone!

Also, there are other pretty cool benefits of being a member of Gadget Discovery Club...

What Are The Benefits Of Gadget Discovery Club?

If receiving 1-4 epic lifestyle gadgets worth over £100 isn’t enough, here are some of the other member benefits you’ll get:

  1. Access to freebies and exclusive discounts on top tech brands, from Samsung and Dell to Sony and Nintendo.
  2. Access to new innovative tech brands and products that you won’t find on retail shelves
  3. Free shipping & free returns, so it's risk free, you only keep the gadgets you absolutely love & want to keep!

How Do I Join?

With over 2,000 5 star reviews, Gadget Discovery Club’s popularity has grown quickly. To join, get started here & choose a quarterly or annual plan (you can cancel either anytime!). In a couple of days, you’ll receive your first epic gadget box worth over £100… and then get ready to experience the next level in entertainment, smart home & lifestyle tech!

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