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Top tech to enhance, entertain & enrich your exercise routine!

Top tech to enhance, entertain & enrich your exercise routine!

The one constant in everyone’s routine the past year, exercise remains one of the best ways to reduce stress, anxiety and release those sweet endorphins! 

It’s recommended for the average adult to achieve 10,000 steps everyday/ 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week (CDC). 

Of course, with exercise you can just throw those trainers on and go. But where’s the fun in that? Gadgets can help enhance, entertain and enrich your workout! Here’s a few fun gadgets to spice up your exercise routine...


1. Earphones/ Headphones/ Speakers

Of course, the staple gadget to motivate you. Chuck on a podcast, music playlist or radio channel and time will zoom by. Bluetooth earphones designed specifically for running are a must, find a pair which won’t slip out or lose battery halfway through.

2. Smart Insoles

For the hardcore, data-driven runners out there. This piece of tech beats any stat your fitness watch will tell you. Simply put the insole within your running shoe and measure each run’s performance and learn insights into how to run smarter. 

3. Solar panelled battery pack

Heading on a long hike? We strongly recommend taking a solar powered battery pack. Now that most people heavily rely on phones for payments, maps and communication, it is so important to take a battery pack which will keep you connected even if you’re lost. 

4. Fitness Tracker

Who’s going to count those 10,000 steps for you? Or monitor your heart rate while running? Get yourself a fitness tracker to get on track and achieve your fitness goals. 

5. Exercise Apps 

Want a free way to track your walk or run? There’s a ton of free apps out there but to list a few; Strava, Map My Run, Runkeeper or Couch to 5K will all do it for you!


1. Smart skipping rope

Standard skipping rope? Boring! A smart skipping rope tracks your jumps, time and calories via syncing to an app (depending on what brand you go with). You can enable sounds to help you coordinate when to jump, it’s the new way to skip! 

2. Smart kettle bell

A very impressive kit for those recreating home-gyms. You can change the kettle bell weight digitally in a matter of seconds, a stark contrast to needing a bench full of weights. You will be paying a hefty price for this premium gadget however! 

3. Workout apps

Don’t fancy a big sum to workout? No problem! There’s a variety of apps or even Youtube content out there to smash a HIIT workout, body-weight only. Take a look at the Body Coach, 30 Day Fitness, Fitbit or Zova to find your workout motivation! 


1. Tennis Swing Analyser

There’s a lot of avid tennis fans in the Gadget Discovery Club team! This swing analyser includes a small sensor which you fix to the end of your racquet, then sync to the relevant app and analyse your game. Can’t perfect your serve? Hitting the back-hand too flat? You’ve got a solution! 

2. Golf Sensor

Very similar technology to the tennis swing sensor. Gain feedback from your stroke and track every shot to see how you can improve your swing and reduce handicaps. 

3. Smart turbo trainer

Finally, although it’s now the time of year to go outside on your bike, it’s definitely worth mentioning this new technology. Essentially, you mount your bike into the trainer and with the use of third party apps, you can recreate an outdoor experience. It challenges you as though you're outside on your bike but adds a layer of fun & excitement through the app’s races and rides. 

Looking to exercise more? Or lacking motivation? Well there’s our top tech to get you started! From rusty to advanced, there’s always some new gadgets to get you going.

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