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Tech Subscription Box

The Quarterly Plan

Regular price £79.00


You'll get state-of-the-art gadgets from innovative brands, expertly picked by our tech buyers. Including epic Smart Home Devices, the latest Music Tech, Wearables, Smartphone Gadgets & more!


We buy directly from brands & manufacturers, skipping out the middleman, to pass on savings to you. Every gadget has a higher value than the box price, a 1 year warranty & a 30 day return. That's next level guaranteed!

Customer Reviews

Based on 187 reviews
Mihail G. (Croydon, GB)
Nice products

All good, nice products to be revealed!

Rob J. (Swindon, GB)
Unexpected but useful

The thing is, you never know what you're going to get so sometimes you'll get things you'd never have bought normally. That's fine though, we have eBay, and people we know who might enjoy these things as a present. But when you get things you really like, well, it's like Christmas. That joy of a present you didn't know you wanted or needed, and that's brilliant. Is this for everyone? No. But if you can afford it then go for it, you'll look forward to receiving your package every few months.

Nathan F. (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)
Mystery finally revealed

Well.....when you pay for a surprise you would of liked it yesterday so I was more excited to open this package knowing it was on its way! And I wasn't disappointed, all the items were and are, usable relatable and are in somewhat constant use, not only by me but all the family too.
Can't wait for my next box of surprises!

Marissa M. (Tonbridge, GB)

Forgetting that the mystery is coming each month adds to the anticipation n excitement of wondering what amazing gadget I'll receive. Who doesn't love a gadget!!

Jacqueline G. (Southwark, GB)
Its exciting

The whole experience is like being a kid at Christmas again. Great packaging of gadgets which you didn't know you wanted but are happy you have.

Philip K. (Fulham, GB)
I love it on the day the box arrives

I find the whole thing surprisingly enjoyable, the month of expectation and the day it actually arrives. The stuff is often interesting and always good quality.