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Retro Gadgets; Do You Remember These 10?

Retro Gadgets; Do You Remember These 10?

Retro tech; it’s the topic everyone loves to reminisce about! Who didn’t love the addictively repetitive Snake on your old, brick Nokia?

But what is retro? In the age of tech, retro could be considered last year to some vs. 20 years to others. For now, let’s go with any gadgets invented before 2000! 

Continue with us down memory lane where we consider the most popular & obscure retro gadgets. If you remember all 10 then tag us on Insta or Facebook, cause that’s impressive!

1. Tamagotchi

First, the Tamagotchi! Unfortunately, everyone who owned a Tamagotchi probably has a dead pet on their device as this fad started long ago in 1996. All who owned a Tamagotchi will look back fondly on their pets which they affectionately cared for. Apparently the company is looking to make a comeback so do stay tuned.

2. Walkman

Probably the most iconic, pioneering gadget from the list, you must’ve heard of the Walkman! This classic was the first portable media player, first released at the end of the ‘70s. Of course, we now have a stream of thousands of songs on our phones, accessible anytime and anywhere, but the initiator of this revolutionary concept was the Sony Walkman. 

3. Gameboy

Another classic, no need to be explained! We all have our own favourite games but a few of ours included Crash Bandicoot, Pokémon, Super Mario Land, Dr Mario, Tetris and so, so many more. Did you know a few of these are being re-mastered?  

4. BayGen clockwork radio

Potentially lesser known, the BayGen clockwork radio is a wind-up radio. You probably had one form of this wind-up radio but potentially not the first invented by Trevor Bayliss. An interesting fact behind this gadget, it was originally created so millions of people in the developing world could access crucial, life-saving information. Learn something new everyday, eh?

5. Mario’s Cement Factory

Diving back into the archives here... Make sure not to overflow the cement! ...Oh and don’t fall off or get squished by the elevator! If you know, you know. 

This old favourite was first released in the early ‘80s. 

6. PS1

Regardless of whether you’re a Xbox or PlayStation fan, you will for sure remember the first Playstation console, released in the mid ‘90s. Back in the day, these were the games you devoted endless of hours to:

  • Spyro the Dragon
  • Tomb Raider II
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Tony Hawks Pro Skater
  • Driver

7. Boombox

A staple gadget of 80s pop-culture, if you didn’t carry one of these mega speakers on your shoulder then you surely will remember them being blasted everywhere. Or perhaps you were more behind the scenes, creating mix-tapes for your friends or love-interests…?

Either way, ‘60, ‘70 & ‘80s babies will recall these… fondly or not. 

8. Polaroid Land Camera

Instant film cameras are still going strong today! The vintage look and instant physical copy of photos provide a fun, sentimental distinction to digital or phone cameras. 

The main brand pioneering and leading the way in instant film was Polaroid, so it makes sense that the Polaroid Land Camera is the key retro gadget highlighted. Did you have one of these? You may want to check deep in your cupboards and by the cobwebs in your attic as these can be worth a bit of money now. 

9. iPod

… Okay so we’re slightly cheating on this one as the iPod was released in 2001, but how can you talk about retro gadgets without mentioning Apple?! The Walkman reluctantly passed the throne to the iPod at this point and portable music transformed again. The iPod became the new way to access an array of albums. As long as you uploaded the CD to your computer and synced across you were golden. 

10. Etch-a-sketch

What a gadget to end on! Controversially, one of the most memorable gadgets from the list? This toy dates back to roughly the 1960s and is still around to buy today! The ‘magical’ screen meant you could create pictures from the dials and erase immediately by flipping it upside down. You would’ve played with one of these bad boys, trust us!


So that’s it! What do you think of the gadgets? We do appreciate they’re all entertainment-focused but those are arguably the fondest we would reminisce about (..can’t say the first kitchen blender attracts the same reaction)!

If we’ve missed out any key gadgets which are worth mentioning please do let us know. Otherwise, you can find us on the PS5 playing Crash Bandicoot remastered!