How It Started

Hi i'm Zak, co-founder of Gadget Discovery Club. After constantly running out of phone battery and building up a collection of powerbanks that never had charge when i needed them, i realised i needed a better solution.

A techie friend Mark, recommended a solar powerbank which charged itself using sunlight, which I had absolutely no idea existed...

This innovative gadget changed my life. It saved me on so many occasions & i'm absolutely thrilled with it, thanks to Mark!

That's how Gadget Discovery Club started. Alex, Mark & I, wanted to create an amazing technology experience for others... helping people discover innovative gadgets that genuinely make their everyday life better, and a whole load more fun!


Every year, cutting-edge brands are designing new gadgets in wearables, IOT & smarthome. And we believe most people are missing out on the opportunity to try them. With Gadget Discovery Club, now you can. So get ready to upgrade your lifestyle and experience the next level!